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Our Executive Team

Joy M Pettid:  President and CEO.  Having extensive knowledge and experience in database development on enterprise systems through consulting and/or working for companies including KCPL, Honeywell, and Houlihan's, Joy brought vast database knowledge and abilities to Crosslists in 2003.  Formally educated in mathematics and computer science (graduated magna cum laude in 1997), Joy also enjoys the marketing knowledge obtained throughout the years of working with Crosslists part-time before and through her college years.

JoAnn Alberts:  Director, List Brokerage/Data Acquisition   JoAnn has 30 years experience in list brokerage beginning with Antigone Associates, Ltd., a list management and list brokerage company she founded. Her primary focus has been direct mail and inserts followed by email and multi-channel marketing. She has worked with a large variety of offers in catalogs, publishing, continuity programs, non-profits, education and business-to-business. From list selection to analysis, her clients have come to depend on her as they grow their businesses.